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Extension Cords and Convention Cords in Los Angeles, CA gives you the POWER you need to get the job done!

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Trusted and Durable Extension Cords

Our round and flat quality extension cords are built to the highest specifications and proudly made in the USA. Engineers, contractors, construction crews, theatrical companies, stage / lighting / sound / concert / motion picture / music industries, convention facilities, photographers, musicians, audio / visual specialists, universities / state colleges, hotels, banquet facilities, indoor and outdoor event coordinators, and other professionals all trust JUSTCORDS.COM to provide the best power extension cords possible manufactured in the United States.

Our cords come in a variety of lengths, gauges, and colors; so whether you're backstage or onstage, indoors or outdoors, plug in our extension cords and give yourself peace of mind knowing you are powered by the best quality cords at an incredible value.

Get the best value out of our durable and affordable black extension and convention cords from JUSTCORDS.COM based in Los Angeles, California.

An Experienced Company with a Superior Cord

Our goal and purpose is to construct the finest extension cords made in the United States. In our 35 years of experience, has delivered a first-rate product based on our customers' feedback. We asked professionals in various industries what was most important to them in terms of features and value; their responses were unanimous: product life, flexibility, plug and cord durability, safety, and color selection.

Product Life – Our cords are constructed for heavy indoor and outdoor use. The cord jackets are sunlight, (UV) Ultra Violet resistant, and flame retardant. The cords will stand up to heat and sunlight longer than most cords on the market.

Flexibility – Our cords will remain flexible and easier to use in temperatures well below freezing. That's because we use more plasticizers and less jacket fillers than most other cords.

Plug and Connector Durability – Our plugs and connectors are the best on the market. They have the largest strain reliefs which prevent the ends from pulling away from the cord body.

Safety  A water-resistant jacket helps protect our cords when exposed to moisture and rain.

Color Selection – We have a wide variety of colors to choose from. They provide safety under foot and help prevent theft when used at the job site.



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ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A. manufactures the most durable and affordable Extension Cords and Convention Cords in Los Angeles, CA.